NAID-Japan Holds Inaugural Conference

November 28, 2018

NAID-Japan hosted more than 120 secure destruction professionals and a dozen exhibitors at its first conference, exceeding all expectations, and demonstrating that the beginnings of a strong organization are there.

The event, held on November 10 in Tokyo, featured five speakers, including an appearance by i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson.

“It was like traveling back to NAID’s first conference,” said Johnson. “Actually, NAID-Japan hosted more people and more exhibitors at their first event than we had in the U.S. in our first year.”

NAID-Japan is structured as a semi-autonomous non-profit chapter of i-SIGMA and operates under a contract that requires alignment with the i-SIGMA bylaws and NAID AAA Certification standards.

The secure destruction industry in Japan is very much like it was in the U.S. twenty years ago,” adds Johnson. “Luckily, the government is hurrying to harmonize their laws with those of the GDPR, which is putting attention on data security into hyperdrive. What took twenty years to unfold in the U.S., may only take a few years there.”