NAID Certification Review Board to become the i-SIGMA Certification Review Board

April 21, 2021

The Board of Directors has approved a recommendation to expand the responsibility of the Certification Review Board (CRB) from oversight of only NAID AAA Certification to also include oversight of PRISM Privacy+ Certification (as well as any future association certifications).

Over the years, the NAID CRB has been responsible to review complaints, non-compliance, exception requests, and auditor reports related to NAID AAA Certification. The CRB is also responsible for directing unannounced audits to investigate credible certification non-compliance complaints.  In light of the fact that PRISM Privacy+ Certification now so closely aligns with its sister certification, and because it also requires the benefit of such oversight, it was decided that function should fall to the same body.

While PRISM Privacy+ Certification continues to have an independent specifications body, combining oversight of the program to a single CRB exemplifies a trend wherein separate PRISM and NAID governance bodies are combined to reflect the fact that i-SIGMA is now a single organization. Over the past year, the same thinking led to the expansion of the Complaint Resolution Council, the Certification Support Committee and the Conference Committee.

As a result of the Board’s decision, the CRB’s charter will be redrafted to reflect its expanded mission and submitted for approval in the coming weeks.