NAID CEO Accepts Invitation to Speak at Federal Reserve Bank

April 24, 2018

On April 25, NAID CEO Bob Johnson will address the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta on the role of proper data disposal in avoiding data security breaches. The presentation will also be televised to the Federal Reserve Bank’s satellite locations.

According to Johnson, the invitation resulted from his appearance last month’s two-day ARMA Atlanta seminar, where he spoke on a similar topic.

“It is not unusual for information management and data security professionals to underappreciate the significance of proper data destruction,” says Johnson. “This invitation is a direct result of bank officials hearing about that significance, and deciding afterward that their colleagues needed to hear it too.”

Johnson also credits the interest in the topic to a new presentation format.

“Nothing explains the importance of data destruction better than the actual case histories about the impact of improper destruction,” says Johnson. “They quickly learn it’s about a lot more than dumpster diving.”

The case histories Johnson recounts highlight the misconceptions surround in-house shredding, the unforeseen consequences of recycling, the hazards of ignoring whole categories of records and media types, among several other risky data disposal misconceptions.