NAID AAA Certification: Streamlined Forms, Renewal Options & Dual Certification

April 23, 2020

New Applications Boast Streamlined Format

Those seeking to achieve or renew their NAID AAA Certification posted to the association’s website will see something much different than the forms used over the past 20 years.

“The biggest change,” said to i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson, “is that the detailed specifications are no longer listed in each of the various program applications. Instead, all specification details reside in a reference manual, with the applications themselves simply delineating the specifications that apply to the certification being sought.  The new format not only makes the applications themselves more streamline for certification-seekers, but also makes the process of managing the growing number of specifications less complex.”

Johnson says he also believes maintaining all program specifications in a single reference document better shows data controllers and policy makers the robust nature of NAID AAA Certification.

All NAID AAA Certification Documents can be Found Online

Three Options for Applying & Renewing

While the new applications are being phased in, Johnson says members still have options for renewing.

“Though first-time applicants are required to submit the posted forms, renewing companies have the option of using the new forms or the archived versions with the more familiar format. On the other hand, those renewing their annual certification have an additional option and are encouraged to renew online through the i-SIGMA Certification Portal.

All NAID AAA Certification Documents can be Found Online

Dual Certification Equals Savings

The revised NAID AAA Certification applications format comes on the heels of a similar program change to i-SIGMA’s other certification program PRISM Privacy+. As a result, those seeking both NAID AAA and PRISM Privacy+ Certification can do so using a special combined application for a substantial discount verses achieving both separately.

Apply for NAID AAA & PRISM Privacy+ Dual Certifications