NAID AAA Certification: Now Required by e-Stewards, Launches Network Participant Program

October 9, 2018

Last week, the network of independent electronics recycling companies operating under the e-Stewards Certification announced that NAID AAA Certification would serve as the required verification for meeting secure data protection regulations.

In doing so, e-Stewards becomes the first such organization to take advantage of the NAID Certification Network Participant Program, offering support and recognition to any group formally organized around a distinct brand built around enforceable standards.

“We compliment e-Stewards for taking this step,” said i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson. “By adopting the most focused and highly-regarded data security and compliance standard for information disposition, they are clearly putting the interests of consumers first.”

Johnson also says he hopes that other networks will follow.

“We have identified at least a half-dozen groups that could benefit from the Network Participant Program,” says Johnson. “Data destruction and compliance with global data protection laws is the total focus of NAID and no one does it better. Deferring to a more focused standard is a brave move, and it invariably leads to success.”

For more information on the NAID Network Participant Program, contact i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson at [email protected]