NAID AAA Certification Gets a New Look

February 27, 2018

The NAID Board of Directors is excited to announce that the association has adopted a new NAID AAA Certification logo. The traditional logo is still relevant and may be used by NAID AAA Certified companies indefinitely at their discretion.

There were several catalysts for the change including brand confusion in the marketplace and limited growth opportunities.

When asked about the decision to rollout this look more slowly, the Director of Marketing & Communications for NAID Kelly Martinez had this to say, “What works about this is that the new design plays off the original so that the two can exist in tandem without creating industry confusion. As an association NAID strives not to cause undue burden upon our members; thus, NAID will not be requiring a changeover of this magnitude at this time. Instead, it will be a gradual implementation as companies make organic updates.”

She went on to add, “What is great about the new logo is that while the changes were minor it makes a major impact. It has been simplified so the message is more focused, clearer, and more modern; as such, it will resonate better and at a global level.”

NAID asks that certified companies leverage the new logo as they create new materials to promote their businesses as NAID AAA Certified, though again, it is not required.

Those businesses utilizing the Certification Verifier will see the icon automatically update on their sites this week. NAID released the new Certification Verifier earlier this year to Certified Members. The icon displays wherever the member places the code – obtained from the Certification Portal – on their site and when clicked automatically displays their current certification details in real time.

Learn more about growing your business and becoming NAID AAA Certified.