Michael Payton Picked to Chair New Privacy+ Committee

February 7, 2019

In January, the i-SIGMA Board of Directors approved the appointment of Michael Payton, CSDS, to serve as chairman of the PRISM Privacy+ Certification™ Committee.

According to the Subject Matter Expert for PRISM International, Gail Bisbee, the association is lucky to have someone with Payton’s vision and integrity in the driver’s seat.

“Prior to the establishment of the committee, the PRISM International Board of Directors oversaw the program,” said Bisbee. “In order to take the RIM service industry’s only certification to the next level, we needed someone highly-respected to bring focus to our efforts. I commend the board’s decision. Michael Payton is the perfect choice.

Payton, an i-SIGMA Director, transiting to his new role as General Manager of RIM Services at Augusta Data Storage, Inc., is excited about the future of Privacy+.

“Though the program has been around for a few years,” says Payton, “it is still in its infancy. Being the only certification of its type and with the regulatory environment requiring specific vendor qualifications, I am excited
to watch Privacy+ Certification become the global standard.”