Membership Development Efforts Strengthen in Asia

May 21, 2019

An exciting research project has been initiated in the Asian RIM market.  i-SIGMA has contracted with an independent researcher, familiar with the RIM industry, to explore the potential for increasing PRISM International membership in Asia.  The research project begins in May and will conclude in July. The research will provide industry-specific information that can be utilized in the expansion of the current i-SIGMA marketing database. Identification of RIM-related businesses and providers will enable i-SIGMA to explore opportunities for expansion of membership in the Asian market.  Expansion in regions of the Asian market present challenges to include time zone differences, language, and communication challenges, as well as regulatory and governing body implications.  i-SIGMA is poised to meet those challenges. Members who are seasoned in RIM management have always been willing to share industry knowledge and experiences.  Deeper expansion of PRISM into the Asian market provides yet another opportunity to grow membership, expand the industry knowledge base, and plan strategies for the future of data and information management.