Members Asked to Ratify Bylaws Amendments this January

November 12, 2019

To facilitate and simplify the forthcoming i-SIGMA board elections in March, the i-SIGMA Board of Directors will seek member ratification of three bylaws amendments by special ballot in January.

“The bylaws require member ratification of board-approved amendments,” explained Christopher Jones, Co-President of the i-SIGMA Board. “Because there are more than usual, and because ratification of one is necessary before the board election, a special vote in January was warranted.”

The three bylaws amendments for which the board will seek member ratification include removing the requirement to reopen board nominations during the annual membership meeting, another allowing the board to enter into agreements with regional or sector-specific member-networks, and one that lowers the threshold for board member removal from unanimous to a super-majority of three-quarters.

Member ratification in January will be by electronic ballot.

A minimum of 30-days will be provided for all eligible members to vote, which at this time is expected to run from January 6th to February 7, 2020.