MemberNews: ASI Mobile’s Automation Features Assist Business Processes with End-to-End Accountability

February 12, 2019

More and more, we rely on automation to make our work lives easier. It’s critical that the solutions we’re using provide peace-of-mind. According to i-SIGMA Associate Member Andrews Software, Inc., ASI Mobile for iOS and Android accomplishes both. ASI Mobile brings automation together with accountability to improve productivity and quality of services and minimize error and costs. The end result? Happier customers and confidence in your business processes. Automation features that apply to records and destruction services include map integration, optimized routes, driver productivity logs, signature capture, and onsite email receipts. Other ASI Mobile automation features are specific to records centers or destruction companies.  Here are a few:

ASI Mobile for VCK-SQL 

  • Point-of-delivery scan verification
  • Chain of custody log
  • Bar code scans for every activity
  • Load Verification

ASI Mobile for Veri-Shred

  • Required signature capture
  • Time-of-service shred certificates
  •  Recycling reports
  • Capacity planning for routes

Visit ASI at Booth 223 for a demo during the 2019 NAID & PRISM International Conference & Expo to see how ASI Mobile for iOS and Android brings automation and accountability together, or contact Scott Bidwell at (440) 546-9771 ext. 204 or [email protected] to learn more.