Member News: Shred America Names Industry Icon as Data Protection Officer

June 22, 2023


June 21, 2023

Fort Mill, South Carolina – Veteran-owned Shred America, LLC, an i-SIGMA Corporate Partner Member, is proud to announce it has retained Privata Vox, LLC to fulfill its Data Protection Officer (DPO) obligation.

According to Ryan Richard, Shred America’s founder and CEO, retaining Privata Vox exemplifies the company’s ongoing commitment to aggressive regulatory compliance and to superior client service. “With Privata Vox as our company’s DPO, not only do we better address our clients’ compliance requirements, but we are also held to a higher level of scrutiny and have immediate, real-time access to one of the most highly regarded data protection and privacy experts in the world. As always, we felt that our clients deserved the best.”

Privata Vox Founder and Principal Advocate Bob Johnson echoes Richard’s sentiments. “Every data protection regulation either expressly or implicitly mandates that data processors designate a qualified professional to be responsible for regulatory compliance. The same can be said for NAID AAA Certification and the PCI Data Security Standards. Most service providers appoint an employee with little expertise or accountability. Others ignore the obligation altogether. The fact that Shred America is taking this responsibility so seriously reflects their continued dedication to industry leadership and I am proud to be associated with them.”

The concept of an outsourced DPO dates to the EU Data Protection Directive in the 1990s. The fiduciary role has, however, gained significantly more importance after becoming an enforced requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). And, because of the GDPR’s borderless aspect, it is now incumbent on data controllers in the US doing business in the EU to verify their data processors have the required DPO. More recently, and hastening the trend in the US, ten states have now enacted GDPR-like regulations, with an equal number preparing to do the same. Most privacy experts anticipate this trend to continue, culminating eventually in nationwide legislation.

As Shred America’s DPO, Privata Vox will assist with the company’s compliance with relevant regulations and with the company’s own policies, raise executive awareness and train staff involved in direct processing operations, assist with subcontracting due diligence, and interface with authorities and clients on regulatory and standards requirements.

Shred America Partner, Ray Barry, believes the relationship with Privata Vox goes beyond regulatory compliance. “Once we realized where the regulations were going and what was needed, our decision to retain Privata Vox boiled down to what was best for our clients. Given Bob Johnson’s unequalled pedigree and acumen, both our team and our clients have access to one of the world most recognized information destruction authorities.”

Privata Vox founder and Principal Advocate Bob Johnson is best known as the founder and longtime CEO of NAID and architect of globally recognized NAID AAA Certification. A short list of his career highlights includes appearing before the US Senate Financial Service Committee hearings on data security, addressing the Federal Reserve on data disposition, and being invited to advise the Federal Trade Commission on the Fair and Accurate Consumer Transaction Act’s (FACTA) Final Disposal Rule.


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Founded with the commitment of being the premier on-site secure destruction company in the regions it serves, veteran-owned Shred America is currently one of the largest and fastest growing independent secure data destruction services in the United States. From its humble beginnings only seven years ago, by providing superior customer service, applying operational efficiency and state of the art equipment, and employing highly motivated first responders and military veterans, Shred America now provides data destruction service to clients in North and South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Louisiana. The company has also built a network of high-quality, like-minded service providers – Shred America Partners – to serve clients in 48 contiguous states from coast-to-coast that are drawn to the company’s high standards and civic mission.

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Privata Vox, LLC is the brainchild of one of the world’s most recognized authorities on data protection regulatory compliance with a long history of helping others understand and navigate their data protection rights, obligations, and opportunities.

Having retired from his long-time role as NAID/i-SIGMA CEO, and now able to redirect his acumen and dedication to helping specific clients, the firm’s founder and Principal Advocate, Robert Johnson, CSDS, CIPP/US, aspires to help data processors, data controllers, and data subjects understand, respond to, and capitalize on the rapidly evolving privacy and data protection regulatory environment.