Member News: Patriot Shredding Achieves Significant Growth in Business with Total Recall Envision

May 10, 2023

May 5th, 2023 – Patriot Shredding, a shredding company in the Washington, DC area, faced challenges in their route operations and sought ways to optimize their routes, increase revenue, and maximize capacity. To achieve these goals, Patriot Shredding partnered with  DHS Worldwide Software Solutions, an i-SIGMA Corporate Partner Member, and upgraded to Total Recall Envision, a software solution that streamlined sales, customer service, billing/collections, and route management.

Total Recall Envision’s scheduling and route optimization tools allowed Patriot Shredding to create the densest and most profitable routes possible. The built-in scheduling calendar provided insights into their capacity, while the dispatching application enabled necessary adjustments to optimize routes as a whole.

As a result, Patriot Shredding reduced the number of scheduled client routes by over 20% without changing the number of stops, leading to a 35% increase in profit. They added a total of 299 new routes for the year—increasing their capacity for service by 34%.

In summary, Total Recall Envision created an additional 134 hours of availability per 4-week cycle, equating to an additional 1,700 hours per year without investing in more trucks. Patriot Shredding can now generate 36% more revenue per route with only a 3% increase in service time. The software solution helped streamline their route operations, increase revenue and capacity, and realize an additional half a million dollars in profit.

Grant DiGioia, Owner/Operator at Patriot Shredding, expressed his satisfaction with Total Recall Envision’s impact on their business: “DHS sold us on the idea that our relationship would be a true partnership, and they have absolutely delivered on that promise. We appreciate that DHS really listens to us and strives to deliver a smart solution to common challenges we all face in running a shredding business. Our operations (and bottom line) have greatly benefited from DHS’s strong focus and commitment to our industry. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

By leveraging the scheduling and route optimization tools, Total Recall Envision allowed Patriot Shredding to reduce routine scheduled client routes, add new routes, and create additional hours of availability without investing in additional trucks. The software solution has streamlined their operations and achieved significant growth in their business. To read the entire case study, click here.

About DHS Worldwide Software Solutions

DHS Worldwide is a leader in information management technology for commercial, corporate, and governmental organizations. Over 1500 RIM operations around the globe have trusted Total Recall software by DHS Worldwide. The Total Recall software suite of products includes Records Management, Secure Destruction, Data Protection and Digital Imaging offerings. For over 29 years, DHS has empowered organizations to succeed by providing innovative solutions and industry expertise.

About Patriot Shredding

Patriot Shredding was founded in 2010 by Grant DiGioia, a Maryland local who had a vision to create a company that surpassed the service expectations of its customers and outperformed competitors in all areas. After nearly a decade of work, Patriot Shredding is the fastest-growing independent shredding company in the DMV and has built a reputation for service excellence and reliability supporting clients across all industries including Fortune 100 companies. To learn more about Patriot Shredding, visit their website: