Member News: Industrial Shredding Equipment Manufacturer Shred-Tech Refreshes Brand to Align with Commitment to Technology & Customers

April 20, 2022

As part of a brand refresh, Shred-Tech®’s logo and website have undergone a redesign in order to emphasize the company’s commitment to bringing innovative shredding solutions to the industry. Along with new technologies for the shredders, Shred-Tech® will also be introducing a post-purchase e-commerce service that includes a parts portal, live chat, and more.

In 2019, Shred-Tech® was acquired by The Heico Companies, LLC, a diverse company consisting of industrial and commercial manufacturing enterprises with more than 70 operating companies that employs more than 9,000 employees on five continents and generates an annual revenue of more than $2.5B USD. Shred-Tech® is also recognized and certified by the Women Business Enterprises Canada Council as a woman-owned business.

As a member of The Heico Companies, Shred-Tech® now has access to new and additional resources to drive change internally as well as externally in the shredding and recycling industry. This newly acquired source of connections and community called for a refresh of the company’s look.

The Shred-Tech® brand refresh represents a commitment to technological advancement and growth to continue to advance the shredding and recycling industry forward. Along with designing a new look to the Shred-Tech® logo, the company is introducing new shredders and support technologies to empower their customers.

As part of our efforts, Shred-Tech® has recently stepped foot in the emerging markets of EV battery disposal and e-data destruction. In 2021, Shred-Tech® developed the Sealed Aqueous Shredder that is used for safely shredding EV batteries. Again in 2021, on a co-development venture with a major tech company, Shred-Tech® introduced their first dedicated e-data destruction truck, the MDT-26, which incorporates a dual chamber shredding system for hard drives (HD) and solid-state drives (SSDs).

Another recent development occurred in 2020 when Shred-Tech® exclusively partnered with Pronar, a recycling machinery manufacturer from Narew, Poland, for the North American market. This partnership will lead to upcoming developments regarding the mobile slow-speed shredders that Shred-Tech® currently offers.

In 2022, the company will introduce their newly developed Shred-Tech Connect™ service. Shred-Tech Connect™ incorporates IoT technologies for fleet tracking and preventative maintenance requirements. This service will also be comprised of an e-commerce parts portal, equipment configurator, live chat, video library, FAQs, parts diagrams, manuals, drawings, and an integrated CRM all in a single digital platform. Shred-Tech Connect™ demonstrates Shred-Tech®’s commitment to providing full service and support to customers post-purchase.

The logo redesign and brand refresh are only the latest step in Shred-Tech®’s journey to fulfill their mission to supply customers with complete, profitable, and environmentally correct materials shredding and recycling solutions. The company continues to move forward, transforming the industry’s playing field with every innovative shredding solution.

Learn more about the changes and innovations that are coming from Shred-Tech® by visiting their new-looking website at