MEMBER News: Data Security, Inc. Helps Protect Data with New SS16-A Shredder

March 2, 2021

LINCOLN, NE. Jan. 18, 2021 – In order to protect private information, many regulations and information security experts recommend physically destroying data at the end of its useful life.  Data is stored in solid state memory such as solid state drives, smart phones, memory cards and USB drives. Data Security, Inc., an i-SIGMA Associate member and a manufacturer of data destruction devices, released its latest product, the SS16-A ™ Solid State Shredder, to help people quickly and safely shred their data on solid state memory.

The SS16-A™ shreds a variety of solid state media within 2-5 seconds to particles of 16mm or less.  Other features of the SS16-A™ include a push-button operation, a HEPA and carbon air filtration system and safety reverse controls. It comes as an answer to commercial digital data destruction, and an emergency solution for government organizations with more sensitive data.  According to Renee Schafer, Director of Operations for Data Security Inc., “We predict that the SS16-A™ Solid State Shredder will have a huge impact on the growing need to destroy solid state. Its small but mighty, with speed and excellent safety features, making it one of a kind in the industry.”

Data Security, Inc. is a manufacturer of digital data destruction equipment. The corporation supplies products to help organizations keep private information safe upon disposing old technology. Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, Data Security’s products are trusted by the National Security Agency and Department of Defense.

Data Security, Inc. has been in the information destruction business for over 35 years, working closely with military, government, financial and health care agencies to ensure information security regulations and guidelines are met. For further details, contact Data Security, Inc. at 1-800-225-7554 or visit its website at


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