MEMBER News: A Word On Recent Natural Disasters

August 11, 2021

A Member’s Perspective by Stefan Chorus, Streff – Data Protection Services (PSF) S.à r.l (Luxembourg)

Summertime and yes, we all like to enjoy sunny holidays.

But especially obvious this year are the many “natural” disaster’s that have hit many areas and many people around the globe.

Maybe you have heard it in the news, two weeks ago, around the 14th of July, heavy rain hit our region.

Nearly 200 people did not survive in Germany and Belgium.

Little courants quickly turned into torrent waters ripping through houses, streets, motorways, rail tracks, cars, trucks and anything else in their paths.

No electricity or telecommunications in some places even today.

Hardworking people have lost their livelihoods and do not know how to recover.

Businesses are closed, perhaps forever.

In Luxembourg we were, this time, lucky not to have lost any lives.

But many basements were flooded including a number of archive rooms.

Now, we are in the process to clean up and help to get rid of the totally wet documents which can not be recovered.

As a private person and in my capacity as a LIONS member and president of our “Foundation Lions Luxembourg ” we partner with local authorities to help finance some urgently needed equipment for the victims of the flooding.

I would like to encourage all readers to step in locally in your communities to help in cases like these.
Solidarity with the people in need should be high on anyone’s agenda.
Money, expertise, physical engagement, whatever you can provide.

Imagine you would be next to be hit by disaster.

Sure you would appreciate any help as well.

In spite of this rather sad story please enjoy everyday as much as you can.

With kind regards,

Stefan Chorus
Streff – Data Protection Services (PSF) S.à r.l