It is not the work that counts most; it’s the body of work

April 23, 2013

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO

As I set out to write this blog, as I have done virtually every Tuesday and Thursday for the last six months or so, I understand that only a handful of people will likely take the time to read it. This begs the question: Then, why do it? And, believe me, I have asked the question many, many times. I have come to learn that just about every blogger (or content developer) has to come to terms with this same issue.

Persistence and credibility certainly come into play. Persistence is obviously critical to building a following. Very few blogs start off with a good following and history shows that time and consistency increase that following. Credibility stems from the fact that you continue to do what you said you would do. How would it look if we said we would have two blog posts a week but only did one or none?

But there is another aspect of successful blogging that has only recently occurred to me. When someone recently asked me a question, I realized I had addressed it in a recent blog. As I reviewed the entries looking for the title to send her the link, I was blown away by both the number of articles and subjects I had covered. Surely, anyone looking at this body of work would conclude that NAID is truly the voice of the secure destruction industry.

So, while I still believe that having a large number of immediate followers of any blog is a worthwhile pursuit that may or may not develop over time, I am convinced that it is the long-term body of work that results from routine blogging that is the real benefit, at least for NAID.