Information Disposition Textbook: Getting Clients to Take You Seriously

October 23, 2019

Though i-SIGMA continues to produce new marketing tools like the recently released Universally Compliant Service Provider Contract, members are reminded they should continue to take advantage of those that came before.

Only three years ago, NAID introduced the first and only textbook on data destruction, examining it in theory and practice from a wide range of perspectives, including risk management, regulatory compliance, information governance, and operational security. It was then and remains the single most comprehensive and heavily documented publication on information destruction available anywhere.

“Of course, we were delighted by the initial reaction to the book,” said the book’s author and i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson, “but I think members need to consider that it is probably the best marketing tool they could have. Not only does it address customer misconceptions or objections, it appropriately portrays secure information disposition as a formal discipline. The fact is, some members are using it very effectively. Its effectiveness is proven.”

On the topic of how the textbook is used, Johnson says the approaches vary. “I’ve heard from sales reps who just keep a copy with them at their desk or on sales calls,” says Johnson. “They rely on it when the customer has a question, or the salesperson needs something to support their argument. There are others who simply give a copy to every one of their major clients to add weight to the secure destruction buying decision.”

Information Disposal: A Guide to Secure, Compliant Disposal of Records, Media, and IT Assets is available in print or e-reader on Amazon. NAID Members can also receive a print copy for 50% off the list rate by ordering directly through the association. The book is currently in its second printing.