Inaugural iG Journal Heralds Destruction Industry’s Continued Vitality

July 3, 2019

NAID members will soon receive the first edition of the new iG Journal, which replaces the NAIDnews as the association’s flagship publication this year. In advance of the mailing, we’re giving readers a sample of the exciting content the new periodical has in store.

In his article “Equals Growth,” i-SIGMA CEO and destruction industry expert, Bob Johnson, presents a compelling case for the fact that the secure destruction industry’s best days lie ahead.

According to Johnson, making the argument was easy. “With the number of competitors shrinking at the same time data destruction laws are about to take a quantum leap forward, the coming prosperity for those still in the mix is obvious.”

The inaugural edition of the IG Journal will hit members’ desks in a few weeks. It is chock-full of exciting and interesting content. For those who like to get a head start, we offer this sneak peek:

Read “Equals Growth” from the iG Journal Now