If you aspire to great success, a coach is a necessity

November 21, 2014

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO

Athletes, especially professional athletes, provide one of the most obvious examples of human beings who have to continually focus on improving their performances. Their livelihoods depend on it. And, whether they are the front lineman on a professional football team or a star tennis player, they have a coach. Think for a moment if you know of any professional athlete who does not have a coach. You may but, off hand, I don’t.

Acting is another area that requires exceptional personal performance, and actors, even the most accomplished, have acting coaches.

Why? What do coaches provide these professionals? They provide encouragement. They provide honest, useful feedback. They provide a point of accountability that urges them to stay on track. They provide expertise on their subject matter, ideally honed from years of practical experience in their respective fields.

Now let’s talk about you. Do you want to be an exceptional performer? I can’t imagine anyone aspiring to mediocrity. Wouldn’t you benefit from the encouragement, accountability and expertise of a coach? Sure you would. The fact is that anyone whose livelihood depends on personal performance would benefit from coaching.

Of course, this is not a new concept in business. Many, if not most, top business executives have a coach. It’s a mistake to think you don’t need one too and now there’s a great option for NAID members who act quickly. Last week NAID announced the availability of a mastermind sales coaching program that will be run by Chief Shreducation and Member Relations Officer Ray Barry. At the moment, space is limited and we hope to expand the program next July.

I realize there’s a tendency to think that a coach is for other people with more important jobs. I understand there’s also the likelihood that some people might be worried about allowing a coach into their lives. I know these things because that is what I thought before I found my coach. In my case, those concerns proved to be baseless and the benefits boundless. Just saying…