i-SIGMA Launches New Government Relations Monitoring Tools

January 29, 2020

As previously announced, the i-SIGMA Board of Directors is committed to continuing and improving the organization’s commitment to regulatory issues affecting its members.

“Both NAID and PRISM International have a long history of monitoring industry-related regulatory issues,” said i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson. “Now, together under i-SIGMA, those capabilities improve dramatically.”

While the association’s approach to regulatory affairs will be demonstrated in multiple ways, the first of the new tools to be launched is a web-based platform where the Government Relations Committee can more closely monitor issues and make it possible for members to see pending state and federal legislation that may affect them and their customers.

The Industry Advocacy page can be accessed within the i-SIGMA website and will be updated regularly. And, while many proposed bills will merit no active advocacy, the association will monitor all of them, responding when appropriate, and making announcements to members in affected jurisdictions when their assistance in such advocacy is needed.

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