i-SIGMA Keynote Sponsor at RIMPA 2019 Conference in Melbourne

May 21, 2019

With the merger of NAID and PRISM International, i-SIGMA became one of the largest information services provider associations in the world; making it an attractive ally to professional associations in the industry.

“The are many associations whose members use the services offered by NAID and PRISM International members,” said i-SIGMA Co-President Angie Singer Keating. “And our larger size and combined resources allow us to take a stronger, more visible position, which, in turn, allows us to advance our mission.”

Among the first examples of this outreach, i-SIGMA will sponsor the keynote address of the upcoming Records and Information Management Professionals of Australia (RIMPA) Conference in October.  The event gives i-SIGMA the opportunity to inform hundreds of records management professionals on the importance of NAID AAA Certification and PRISM Privacy+ Certification.

In the coming months, i-SIGMA will announce sponsorships with a number of other professional associations whose members can benefit from learning more about information security services and service provider selection.

RIMPA Live will be held in October 8–11 in Melbourne, Australia.