i-SIGMA Board Commissions RIM Service Contract Review

January 10, 2019

The i-SIGMA Board of Directors has commissioned Australian-based
Information Integrity Solutions (IIS), headed by the country’s former Privacy
Commissioner Malcolm Crompton, to add the final touches to what will be the
first globally-compliant RIM services/data destruction service contract.

“When this review is completed, i-SIGMA will have a sample
service contract produced by the most highly-regarded data compliance
professionals in the U.S., Europe, and Australia,” says i-SIGMA CEO Bob
Johnson. “In today’s market, every customer needs to know their contracts
address requirements and concerns in other jurisdictions. Members offering this
contract will have an advantage over their competition.”

“The fact that i-SIGMA can offer such a contract to members at
no additional charge to them is further validation of what a trade association
can do for members” adds Johnson.

The new services contract will be launched at the 2019 Annual Conference in Denver. It will also be unveiled in Australia at the region’s event on July 18, 2019.