Have You Been Waiting for the Phone to Ring?

May 28, 2020

By: Cory Layes

Shredders across the country have experienced a significant downturn in business due to COVID-19. Over the past two months we have spoken to a large number of shredding companies who have experienced a reduction in sales between 25% to 65%

Not only does this reduction affect the bottom line, but the customers who do require service may be more difficult to schedule since the efficiencies in routing have changed. These existing accounts may no longer be as profitable as they once were or could now actually be a loss to service.

Paradigm Shift

Many companies that were able to continue working during the virus onset were surprised on how well they were able to operate with employees working from home. Employees have also seen benefits in working from home (WFH). ‘In fact, nearly 43% of full-time American employees say they want to work remotely more often, even after the economy has reopened’, according to a survey released by business publishing company getAbstract

How To Tap Into Lost Revenue

An effective tool that many shredders have begun to use is the Security Print Shred Bag. The bags are shredder equipment friendly with strong tape and tamper evident when sealed.

Most shredders sell these bags like a gift card. They charge x amount which covers the cost of the bag plus the shredding service.

Customers can take to a touch-less curbside drop off or schedule a residential pickup. Prior to COVID-19 affecting North America, many shredders also teamed up with their local chamber of commerce, charity organizations, community events and sports teams to generate money and awareness for both organizations.

Some shredders also utilize the bags as an overflow tool. If their routes have changed and are unable to provide service on the same frequency, shred bags can be provided so that the customer has a place to put excess documents to be destroyed when service is possible.

On top of work-related information being generated, there are things such as:

  • name, date of birth, age, sex and address
  • current contact details of family, guardian etc.
  • bank details
  • medical history or records
  • personal care issues
  • service records and file progress notes
  • individual personal plans
  • assessments or reports

Many of these items can be found lying around in any home. The shred bags offer piece of mind that all contents will be destroyed securely by a professional.


The way business will be done moving forward has changed and will continue to develop as the market improves. Will you be able prosper in these changing times? Shred bags have been shown to reach more clients and tap into revenue that may otherwise be lost.

Written By: Cory Layes, General Manager of Bins4 Shredding and has been involved in the document destruction industry for over 15 years.

Bins4 Shredding is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of secure containers with a focus on supporting the growth of the industry… Shredding Made Simple.