Happy New Year: NAID Eyes Full Plate in 2018

January 10, 2018

NAID enters its 24th year of operation with an ambitious and promising agenda for the secure destruction industry. Here are some highlights:

The NAID 2018 Conference and Expo

On Dec 31, three and half months before the big event, registrations for NAID 2018 are nearing 500; an all-time record this far out.

NAID 2018 Conference Chair Michael Payton (The Data Vault, Louisville, KY) says he’s not surprised.

“Those attending last year’s record-setting event were definitely energized by the quality of the content, the excitement on the tradeshow floor, and the general enthusiasm for what was happening in the industry,” says Payton. “Considering that we have increased content this year, covering everything from hard copy destruction to electronic media destruction, to general RIM topics, and loads of diversification opportunities, it is no wonder that interest is high again.”

“Of course, holding the event in one of the most exciting destinations possible doesn’t hurt,” adds Payton, speaking of the fact the NAID 2018 will be held in Nashville, Tenn.

Other Events

NAID will also hold events this spring in Australia, Europe and, in the fall, three Shred Schools across the United States.

NAID AAA Certification Will…

  • Add Sanitization of Solid State Drives to its growing list of certifiable operations
  • Begin using a new certificate that more clearly explains the value of NAID Certification to clients
  • Release a new video explaining the integrity of the NAID AAA Certification standard and its value to client compliance
  • Campaign for Europe Data Protection Authority recognition of NAID AAA Certification per the General Data Protection Regulation


The new General Data Protection Regulation (effective May 18) scores a 10 on the Richter scale of data protection regulations. Not only will form the center of the association’s effort in Europe but in the months and years to come, it will have a big impact on data security globally. Read NAID CEO Bob Johnson’s thoughts on this, in the article he recently wrote for E-Scrap Magazine, Global Effects.

A Data Breach Notification law goes into effect in Australia on February 22. It is the first major jurisdiction outside the U.S. to adopt this measure and will bring a renewed focus on data security there. The development also fits nicely into the Australian SCEC recognition of NAID AAA Certification in meeting the Government’s Protective Security Policy Framework.

This year should also see the release of the Canadian government’s overhaul of the country’s overarching data protection regime, the Personal Information and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA). No one will be surprised if it is aligned closely with the EU GDPR.

2018 looks to be a year full of exciting initiatives for the industry as a whole and for NAID as an association!