Happy New Year and Buckle Up!

January 14, 2021

Funny how, for a minute, we thought the shutdown was going to slow things down. It didn’t.

i-SIGMA members found themselves up to their eyeballs in PPP loan files, new protocols, staff reorganization, and shifting customer needs. At the same time, the association found itself scrambling to develop resources, aggregate and distribute information, and alter the way it conducted educational programs and certification audits.

With the New Year upon us, and, more importantly, with a light at the end of the tunnel on the economic slowdown, all we can say is buckle up; in the first half of 2021 i-SIGMA will launch more new initiatives and programs than at any time in the history of either NAID or PRISM International, many of them in response to the acceleration of trends, others that will dramatically impact the association’s relevance to service providers.

Below is a list of the programs and initiatives coming in the next few months.

RSCR Endorsement for NAID AAA: Members have been asked to comment on the Board-approved specifications that would allow NAID AAA Certified Service Providers to deploy a new brand of technologically advanced Remote Security Collection Receptacles™ (RSCR). After the comment period, the specifications will be revisited and a final version approved.

Strategic Planning Meeting (23-24 February): The i-SIGMA Board of Directors will meet both in-person and virtually to plan the association’s long-term strategy. As usual, the focus will be member-value and increased relevance.

Imaging Endorsement for PRISM Privacy+: Changes to PRISM Privacy+ specifications and audit regime have led to a significant increase in program uptake. The Privacy+ Committee is currently in the final stages of a new program Endorsement aimed specifically at imaging and digitization of records. It is currently anticipated the Imaging Endorsement specifications will be available to i-SIGMA members for comment prior to final adoption.

Board Election (1 February): Members will vote to fill two director seats this year, as well as the position of President-elect, the latter of which automatically assumes the Presidency in 2022 and Past Presidency in 2023.

Ratification of Amended Bylaws (February 1): This year’s election ballot will also include an opportunity for members to ratify a Board-approved bylaws change that will better distinguish i-SIGMA membership from those participating in the associations certification programs.

Virtual Annual Business Meeting: Traditionally the annual association business meeting is held during the conference. This year, however, the event will be held online. The event will include a report on the association’s financial status as well as the installation of newly elected Board members.

Online Virtual Conference (13-15 April): As previously announced, the 2021 Annual i-SIGMA Conference and Expo will be held virtually. And, while holding the event online includes notable constraints, it also offers benefits including lower cost, greater convenience and accessibility, and enhanced educational offerings. More information will follow in the coming weeks.

Automated Compliance Reporting Service: The i-SIGMA Board and staff are putting the final touches on a new online service that will allow clients to automatically receive documentation on their NAID AAA Certified service provider’s regulatory and security compliance. Because this documentation is a critical part of the client’s regulatory compliance, the association expects it to be popular and reinforce their reliance on NAID AAA Certification as a vendor qualification. The service will be free of charge, PRISM Privacy+ will be added subsequent to the beta rollout.

As for the second half of the year, there is no reason to think things will slow down. If past is truly prologue, it will very likely be even busier.