Getting mentally fit

January 30, 2014

By Ray Barry, NAID Chief Shreducation and Member Relations Officer

As we begin a New Year, all of us look at the previous year and think of what we can do better in the new one. Everyone usually has a list of resolutions they start in January and unfortunately may be gone by February. The most popular resolution is to get physically fit and that’s why all of the gyms are packed on Jan. 2. However, some of the people I saw in the gym the first week of January are already MIA.

While I totally agree that any goal of becoming physically fit is a very important goal for any business professional’s health, it is also very important that we make a resolution to become more mentally fit this year too. As we become more physically fit, we must put in the hard work, commitment, and determination to continue it, sometimes even when our body really doesn’t feel like it. Being more mentally fit requires the same dedication, commitment, and hard work to become better at what we do in our business.

As we become physically and mentally healthier, our business and sales become healthier as well. Here are some ideas to become more mentally fit this year:

  • Set a goal to read one business or sales book per quarter.
  • Attend a training workshop to help you in your position or business. I suggest Shred School and the NAID conference.
  • Get a sales or business coach, similar to a personal trainer helping you get physically fit.
  • Become a CSDS. Remember, knowledge is power and learning new things keeps the brain fit.
  • Network your butt off!
  • Spend at least 15 minutes a day reading self-improvement or business improvement tips.
  • Start and write a blog post.
  • Speak publicly and become a perceived expert at what you do.
  • Spend 30 minutes a day laughing at something. It keeps the mind sharp and laughing is conducive to learning. I recommend “Seinfeld” or “Family Guy.”

I hope to see you and 700 other mentally fit industry professionals at the NAID 2014 Annual Conference soon!