First Privacy+ in Saudi Arabia Signals Global Relevance

August 3, 2018

Earlier this month, in yet another sign of the program’s growing international relevance, member-company Tejoury became the first RIM service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve the PRIVACY+ Certification.

Commenting on the achievement for the company’s press release, PRISM International CEO Bob Johnson said, “By achieving PRIVACY+ Certification, Tejoury joins service providers around the world demonstrating extraordinary operational excellence.”

Regarding the adoption of PRIVACY+ Certification, Johnson also said, “Tejoury, like the others that have already achieved the certification, has recognized that consumers now absolutely need third-party validation of service provider standards. Anything less is a disservice. We now live in a world where the customer’s liability is too great to be validating their vendor’s qualifications without outside verification.”

Johnson says he expects to make similar announcements in the near future as interest in PRIVACY+ continues from around the world.