Feel the burn to build your business

May 10, 2015

By Amy Larrimore, Chief Executive Officer of The Gamechanger

Business man in a position ready to race at the office

If you wanted to get into shape and you followed the path that most people pursued, you’d join a gym. The reason people join gyms is because a gym has some version of everything needed to supercharge the human physique in multiple variations to spark motivation. Gyms realize that people are looking for the total health solution in one place so they also include things like juice bars, nutrition counselors, chiropractors and spa services. Time is the most precious commodity so the convenience of this type of packaged service greatly increases the chances you’ll meet your goals.

The beauty of the gym solution is that it is self-tailoring, no matter who you are, your skill set, or your experience level. You might be the seasoned weightlifter who can rattle off everything there is to know about macrobiotics, enzymes and Tabata intervals. You might be the executive training for your first 5K. You might be a new collegiate who wants to subvert the “freshman fifteen.” No matter who you are, you can find what you need to put in a good program for success at the gym.

So why doesn’t this exist for building businesses? Why don’t we have business gyms where we can go to tone up, shape up and supercharge our professional goals?

I think that most executives, business owners and champion salespeople suffer the cultural idea that if a business gym existed, it would only be for people who have no idea what they need to do. I think some people might believe this the purpose of an MBA. I think, mainly, when your job is to grow a business, to grow this economy, the last thing you have is time to do is go to the gym, business or otherwise. You already know what to do; it’s just a matter of doing it.

You can pat yourself on the back now because this concept is completely true. Most businesses are led by people who have a good idea of what to do and are faced with the daunting task of collecting both the time and materials into one place in order to execute the doing of it. This challenge was made famous in the South Park episode featuring entrepreneurial underpants gnomes who knew they had a great business model and that there was a path to profit, they just needed a bit of help determining and implementing the right strategy to get there.

Rest easy, the answer to what fits in Phase 2 for you and your professional goals exists and is easily implementable. Mark Twain tells us:

“There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations. We keep on turning and making new combinations indefinitely; but they are the same old pieces of colored glass that have been in use through all the ages.”

We’ve assembled our combined hundreds of years of experience working with businesses large and small to put together a program to help you find these solutions and implement them quickly and effectively. Whip your business or professional goals into shape at or at the “How to Supercharge Your Smart Business” session at the NAID 2015 Annual Conference and leave with a personalized plan and the tools you need to get back in the game.