FAQs on Membership Logo Usage Change Effective 1 January 2022

December 20, 2021

How does this change apply to member-companies?

As of 1 January 2022, ALL i-SIGMA members must discontinue the use of the NAID membership logo and/or the PRISM International membership logo. After that date, if and where an i-SIGMA member wishes to communicate their i-SIGMA membership, they must use only the i-SIGMA Membership logo.

How does this apply to NAID AAA or PRISM Privacy+ certified companies?

i-SIGMA members that are also NAID AAA Certified and/or PRISM Privacy+ Certified will continue to use the appropriate certification logos to indicate their certified status.

How can I get the new i-SIGMA membership logo?

The new i-SIGMA Member logo is now available for download the Members Portal My Digital Library.

Does it apply to more than just the logos?

YES! This change ALSO applies to how i-SIGMA member-companies refer to themselves in emails, articles, proposals, etc., meaning they must henceforth refer to themselves as i-SIGMA members, and refrain from referring to themselves as NAID and/or PRISM International members. Again, NAID AAA Certified and PRISM Privacy+ Certified firms may continue to refer to themselves as they currently do as long as their certified status is maintained.

How did this happen?

In 2018, members of NAID and PRISM International voted to merge, creating the International Secure Information Governance & Management Association (i-SIGMA). As a result, from that point forward, all members technically became i-SIGMA Members. In 2020, members then voted to discontinue NAID and/or PRISM International membership in favor of i-SIGMA membership, the latter being more legally accurate.

What about trucks and consoles using the old logos?

While there is an expectation that any new content and correspondence (after 1 January), as well as email signature lines, websites, etc., can be changed quickly, it is also understood that trucks and consoles displaying the obsolete membership logos may take more time. This will be taken into consideration where continued misuse of the old membership logos is discovered, and ALL i-SIGMA members will be issued a timeline by which the use of the obsolete logos are to be removed.

Additional Questions? Please refer to our expanded i-SIGMA | NAID | PRISM International Rebranding FAQs reference page, or contact us to learn more.