Don’t Be Shy: Providing Free Answers to Hard Questions is Our Lifeblood

January 21, 2019

NAID and PRISM International have a well-earned reputation for industry expertise. Over the years, these organizations have answered thousands of questions from members covering every imaginable industry issue.

According to Kelly Martínez i-SIGMA Director of Marketing & Communications too often members fail to realize the importance of bringing their industry business questions to the organization. “It’s because members bring their questions to the association that NAID is such a wealth of knowledge,” says Martínez. “If we have the answer to the question now it is only because another member already asked it. Members are doing everyone a favor when they come to us with a challenging new question.” She goes onto add, “Whether we already have the answer or have to do to look into it, any and all industry questions will be answered at no charge.”

“Members can save themselves a lot of money,” continues i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson. “They might have some question for a lawyer or a consultant for which they might have to pay handsomely. Not only will i-SIGMA provide the information free-of-charge, but we’re also going to go to the top person in that field to get the answer.”

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