Done with Old Electronics? How to Properly Dispose of Them Without Security Risks.

February 9, 2023

As technology continues to advance, it is important for businesses and individuals to properly dispose of their electronic devices. While going to a computer recycling company or shredding business can seem like a great way to dispose of your old electronics, there are a few things you should keep in mind beforehand to ensure that you are doing so safely and securely.

  • Check Certifications: Before scheduling a job and giving away electronics that house confidential information (proprietary business data or personally identifiable information), ensure that the company is certified by recognized organizations such as NAID AAA Certified by the International Secure Information Governance & management Association (i-SIGMA) or e-Stewards Certified by the Basel Action Network which includes NAID AAA Certification. These certifications ensure that the company follows industry standards for the safe and secure disposal of electronics and isn’t just re-selling them. Note, that i-SIGMA did a blind second hand device study and found that over 40% of used devices purchases online still had personal information accessible on them! You don’t want to be a victim.
  • Confirm Confidentiality Agreement: If you need to dispose of confidential or sensitive information, make sure to confirm that the company you are hiring has a confidentiality agreement in place. A confidentiality agreement ensures that your data will not be accessed or shared during the recycling or shredding process.
  • Confirm Types of Devices Accepted: Not all companies accept the same types of electronics. Before scheduling a job, make sure to confirm that the company can recycle or shred the specific types of devices you need to dispose of, such as computers vs. hard drives, phones vs. tablets, thumb drives, printers, etc.
  • On-Site or Off-Site Services: Decide whether you want the shredding or computer recycling to occur on-site at your location or off-site at the company’s facility. On-site services may be more convenient but may come with additional fees. Off-site services may be less expensive but may require you to transport the devices to the company’s location.
  • Research and Compare Companies: Do your research and compare multiple companies before making a decision. Look at their services, certifications, and customer reviews to determine the best option for you.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your shredding or computer recycling experience is safe, secure, and efficient. Remember to keep in mind the types of devices you need to dispose of, your preferred location for the service, and the importance of confidentiality when making your decision.

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