CSDS Handbook Receives Updates

January 27, 2022

Three updates have been made to the Certified Secure Destruction Specialist® (CSDS®) Handbook after the i-SIGMA Board of Directors approved a recommendation from the CSDS Board of Regents. These changes are as follows:

  1. In accordance with the Divisional Dissolution Implementation, language throughout the document has been updated so that the program no longer falls under NAID, which has been dissolved as its own division, but instead, under i-SIGMA.
  2. In the “Maintaining CSDS Accreditation/Earning CEU” section (page 11) the Board of Regents has clarified in the handbook that CEU cannot be earned for daily job tasks. That language is as follows: “CEU will not be credited for normal business, conducted on a day-to-day basis. All CEU will be credited with the proper submission requirements listed on the application form.”
  3. Also, in the “Maintaining CSDS Accreditation/Earning CEU” section (page 11) the Board of Regents has added the sub-section “Curriculum” outlining what content (not just activities) counts towards CEU. This had previously been outlined in CSDS Board of Regents internal files, but not officially incorporated into the handbook.

The CSDS Board of Regents and i-SIGMA Board are dedicated to keeping the integrity of the program as a whole and confident that these additions will assist in the clarity of the program for those involved as well as keep the program as prestigious as was intended in its creation.

View the Updated CSDS Handbook

Download the Updated CSDS CEU Application Form