Composition of i-SIGMA Board Showcases Its Representative Nature

August 2, 2018

The interim i-SIGMA Board of Directors is comprised of the existing PRISM International Board of Directors and NAID Board of Directors as each stood after this year’s spring elections. They will serve for two years as a joint i-SIGMA Board to give the association stability, and then a general i-SIGMA election will be held by the membership.

  • Of the interim i-SIGMA board, 50% formerly represented the PRISM International division while 50% formerly represented the NAID division.
  • Of the board members representing the PRISM International division, approx. 80% represent independent operators, while the remaining 20% represent large, regional or international firms.
  • Of the entire i-SIGMA Board of Directors (both PRISM Int’l and NAID divisions), approx. 90% of service provider members are independent operators, with the other 10% representing large, regional or international firms.
  • Of the entire i-SIGMA Board of Directors, approx. 65% of service provider members offer storage and vaulting services.
  • Of the entire i-SIGMA Board of Directors, approx. 35% of service provider members serve regions outside the United States.
  • No individual i-SIGMA member-company contributes more than approx. 1.4% of the organization’s annual revenue.

As previously announced, the Interim i-SIGMA Board of Directors will meet for the first time next week in Baltimore. When that happens, their focus will range from the mundane business of approving the routine operating policies to more ambitious issue of mapping out strategies for improving member-value and the association’s relevance globally.

According to i-SIGMA co-President Christopher Jones of Georgia-based Secure Records Solutions, the challenges won’t be a problem.

“The merger has created a lot of energy and enthusiasm,” said Jones. “We’re all looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and demonstrating the value of what’s been created.”

With the complexion of the i-SIGMA Board of Directors sharing the interests and understanding the challenges of most i-SIGMA member-companies, there is good reason for everyone to share Jone’s optimism.

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