Complaint Resolution Guidelines Approved

September 13, 2018

The Board of Directors have approved the association’s Complaint Resolution Guidelines, which outline the process by which ethics complaints are submitted, received, and evaluated.

According to i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson, an association’s Code of Ethics is relevant only when paired with an effective enforcement process.

“It is not unusual for an association to create a Code of Ethics,” said Johnson, “but it is quite rare for an organization to have a robust enforcement process.”

By adopting a legally vetted due process mechanism for enforcing ethics violations, i-SIGMA continues NAID’s vigilant approach.

“One of NAID’s founding missions was to help clean up the marketplace,” said Johnson. “I am happy the i-SIGMA board has decided to continue in that role.

The Complaint Resolution Guidelines also identify and define the Compliant Resolution Council (CRC), the body of peers put in place to oversee the due process in all complaint investigations and to recommend prudent remedies to the i-SIGMA board of directors when warranted.

Filing an Ethics Complaint:

1)    Identify the ethics violation using the Code of Ethics

2)    Complete the i-SIGMA Ethics Complaint Form

3)    Submit the confidential form to the CRC via NAID Headquarters

4)    Receive submission confirmation

5)    Complainant and Respondent separately testify before the CRC

6)    After deliberation, the CRC issues a recommendation to the i-SIGMA Board

7)    Board makes a final ruling