Common Denominator – Who attends a NAID Conference?

February 4, 2016

By: Bob Johnson, NAID CEO

As the secure destruction industry gets ready for another successful NAID Conference – its 22nd, it occurred to me that the thousands of people I have met there over the years share many traits that have led to their continued success.  And, since members’ success is the whole reason for NAID to exist, it would be worth sharing those observations. After all, social scientists have proven that the best way to succeed is to do what successful people do.

They have faith in themselves.  Whenever someone invests in themselves, it means they have confidence in their ability. It’s really neat to be surrounded by people who have that kind of faith in themselves; the bravery to achieve by hard work, improved knowledge and a strong network of others around the country with similar beliefs and ethics.

They are learners. The NAID Conference is a place for people who understand that they don’t know everything and that their industry network could always be improved. It is so refreshing to be with kindred colleagues that realize the one new idea could make or save them tens of thousands of dollars.

They are professionals. Some people confuse being a professional as someone with a diploma or a suit and tie. But being a professional just means taking clients’ trust seriously and it means knowing more than your client does about what they need. I sure like rubbing elbows with people who take an ethical and professional approach to their job. Not just because I do, but because I know they are that way about everything they do.

They value relationships. There is no better sight for me than to see hundreds of industry professionals sharing experiences, defending a position and laughing over a joke. I like it because I know it leads to more business for them. I’ll bet almost every conference attendee can say they have gotten some referral, contract, or subcontract from someone they know through a NAID Conference.

They are positive. There is only one way to say it; a NAID conference is full of the most positive people I have ever met. Lord knows, we all have to deal with negative people. It’s just life. But for whatever reason, I don’t run into them at a NAID conference. Now answer this; who’s gonna be more successful, a positive person or a negative person? Science answered that question a long time ago. The positive person is going to be more successful and you’re more likely to be positive if you surround yourself with positivity.

Is it any wonder I look forward to every NAID conference?

Is there any confusion about why people come back year after year after year?

I can’t wait. Who could?