Coaching Sales People into Sales Champions

January 21, 2016

By: Ray Barry

Two of the main reasons some salespeople fail are:

  • Lack of initial sales training and support
  • Lack of ongoing support and COACHING.

Every great athlete believes in having a coach to help them get better and improve their game every day. Look at top tennis professionals and golf professionals. Sales and business is no different. The best sales people are the ones who have been coached to become great and want to become the best at what they do. They have an “inner drive” to want to get there. If you are a destruction business owner, you can be that coach!

It all starts though with finding the right candidates for your organization or asking yourself, “Does your existing sales staff have what it takes to become great with the right coaching?”

What are the qualities of sales superstars?

Sales superstars are:

  • Coachable
  • Goal oriented
  • Internally motivated
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Likeable
  • Good listeners and good communicators
  • Professionally persistent
  • Challengers

If you or your sales team members have any of these qualities, then they can become better and produce more with effective coaching. There is a huge difference between managing and coaching.

Also, how you manage their activity and hold them and (yourself) accountable plays a pivotal role on coaching your sales person into a sales champion.

Sales training is what’s needed to become a salesperson; Sales Coaching is what’s needed to become a Sales Champion.

  • If you are interested in learning:
  • How coaching is different than managing?
  • What to listen for with your sales team?
  • What type of Sales professional performs the best in the information destruction industry?
  • What activity should we manage and how?
  • How to hold sales people accountable and responsible for their results
  • How to create top performers
  • And much more……..

Then join me for my session at the NAID Annual Conference on Friday April 8th at 10:00AM and also receive “The top coaching questions to ask your sales professionals today” as a take- away!


See you there!

Ray Barry