Chair of Nominating Committee Appointed

May 13, 2019

The Nominating Committee plays an important role within the association. It is their job to oversee nominations and elections for the Board of Directors year over year. More specifically, “the Nominating Committee will seek to nominate candidates so that the Association Board of Directors will be representative of all segments of the Information Management industry and the geographic dispersion of Company/Active Members,” according to the association bylaws.

They go onto stipulate that the “The Immediate Past President will be the chair of the Nominating Committee.”

However, with the merger less than a year old and the interim Board still in play, the association presently has TWO past presidents in office – Tom Fetters of Iron Mountain who presided over PRISM International and Don Adriaansen of TITAN Mobile Shredding LLC who presided over NAID.

Yesterday, the Board of Directors met to discuss this matter and walked out of the room with a committee chair appointed to oversee this critical mission, Tom Fetters.

“While our members come in all shapes and sizes, coming from a business that operates both on the records and information management side as well as the secure data destruction side and one that is global in nature makes Tom a good fit for this inaugural year,” said i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson. “

The PRISM International Subject Matter Expert Gail Bisbee, RN, BSN agrees, “I’ve known Tom for many years. In speaking with him, you know that he understands the critical importance of facilitating a sound process to usher in i-SIGMA’s first elected Board of Directors next year.”

The Nominating Committee will be vetted in June with the intention of having all members seated and approved in August. The committee will meet monthly by conference call. Member representatives interested in participating should contact the Committee Administrator Sara Berntgen.