Board Streamlines Privacy+ Certification Process

February 20, 2019

PRISM Privacy+ Certification currently requires either the SSAE 18 or SOC 2 audits as a baseline. And, up until recently, those relying on the PRISM-designated accounting firm, Kirkpatrick Price, to obtain those baseline audits initially applied to PRISM International Headquarters.

That has changed. As of this month, RIM services firms applying for (or renewing) Privacy+ Certification will obtain their baseline SSAE 18 or SOC 2 audits prior to submitting the application.

As Michael Payton, CSDS, chair of the newly formed Privacy+ Certification Committee explains, this change simplifies the process for both applicants and i-SIGMA administration.

“When we reviewed the process,” said Payton, “we determined involving the office prior to the baseline audits, added unnecessary steps. Now, whether the applicant gets their SSAE 18 or SOC using Kirkpatrick Price or another accounting firm, they don’t apply for the certification until that part is complete.”

Though other accounting firms may be used to achieve the baseline SSAE 18 or SOC 2, Kirkpatrick Price remains the recommended auditor and provides their services at a preferred rate to those seeking Privacy+ Certification.

For more information, contact PRISM International staff at [email protected] or Kirkpatrick Price staff, Sharon Kempen, at [email protected].