Board Hires Highly-Regarded Industry Expert to Lead PRISM International

October 4, 2018

The i-SIGMA Board of Directors has approved Gail Bisbee to serve as PRISM International’s RIM Subject Matter Expert (SME). Bisbee is a well-known and highly-regarded figure as the former CEO of North Carolina-based Confidential Records Management, Inc and past member of the PRISM Board of Directors as well as her numerous appearances speaking at association events over the years.

According to association co-President Christopher Jones, the ability to hire a RIM industry expert to lead PRISM International was among the most important reasons for the recent merger with NAID.

“By merging, PRISM International inherited a well-established and highly-competent back office,” said Jones. “With that in place, the combined resources of the new organization allowed us to add the type of in-house expertise we sorely needed. That was the commitment we made to our members when we proposed the merger, and I am happy to say we have delivered beyond our expectations.”

Contact Gail Bisbee at [email protected].