Board creates Insurance Oversight Committee and Appoints Chair

August 22, 2019

The i-SIGMA Board of Directors feels the association could do more to help members control increasing insurance premiums and has created the Insurance Oversight Committee (IOC) to do just that.  Initially charged with promotion and oversight of i-SIGMA’s Downstream Data Coverage professional liability product, the board also instructed the committee to examine other ways the association’s buying power can be used to improve all of the various insurances that are commonly purchased by members.

The board has approved the appointment of Brock Miller of Shred Northwest (Portland, OR) to chair the committee.

“I firmly believe if members knew more about the value of Downstream Data Coverage it would be far more widely adopted,” said Miller. “I am also excited about exploring options with other types of insurance. I think we’ll find we have some leverage.”

Those interested in serving on the committee should contact the Committee Administrator Sara Berntgen.