Board Approves Revised Committee Guidelines

June 9, 2022

During this week’s Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved revised guidelines for several membership committees. These revised guidelines help to re-align committee values and processes associated with the i-SIGMA membership.

In accordance with the dissolution of NAID and PRISM International membership divisions, the NAID AAA Certification Committee, chaired by Vlad Vasak of K-2 Partners (Sarasota, FL, USA) had its guidelines updated to reflect the new i-SIGMA designation throughout the document.

Additionally, the guidelines for the Certification Review Board, chaired by Jim Beran of Gilmore Services (Pensacola, FL, USA) were updated. These were updated in accordance with the dissolution of NAID and PRISM International, to streamline all committee guidelines to a more consistent format, and to reflect an adjustment in the quantity of required members to assist in securing a quorum for meetings each month.

Typically, i-SIGMA Committees have a term of one-year committment with the option to renew, or are a multi-year commitment. When the Corporate Partner Engagement Committee was established last year, the guidelines were written with a one year term without the option for committee members to serve an additional year. However, in an attempt to build a more robust committee, the Corporate Partner Engagement Committee Chair, Jennie Gift, CSDS of CSR Privacy Solutions (Jensen Beach, FL, USA) requested the Board of Directors approval for the ability for members to serve a longer term.

View the revised NAID AAA Certification Committee Guidelines >>

View the revised Certification Review Board Committee Guidelines >>

View the new Corporate Partner Engagement Committee Guidelines >>

If you are interested in serving on one of the association’s committees, please contact the Committee Administrator Sara Berntgen.