Board Approves PRISM International Divisional Leadership Charter

February 7, 2019

Under the terms of the NAID and PRISM International merger, each division will be guided by a Leadership Committee as dictated by the association’s new bylaws.

Last month, the i-SIGMA Board of Directors approved the PRISM International Divisional Leadership Committee Charter.

According to i-SIGMA co-President Christopher Jones, this approval means PRISM International members will have a formal group of records and information management services leaders dedicated to protecting and advancing the interests of the industry.

“During the merger talks, we needed to make sure the interests of PRISM International members and records management had a strong advocacy representation within the organization,” said Jones.

The PRISM International Divisional Leadership Committee will be vetted over the course of the coming month, with the intention of having all members seated and approved in March. The committee will meet monthly by conference call and may meet face-to-face on occasion. PRISM International member representatives interested in participating on the committee should contact i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson.