Board Approves Final Imaging/Digitization Endorsement Specs

June 9, 2021

After almost a year of discussion and review, including the solicitation of member and expert comment, the i-SIGMA Board of Directors has approved the PRISM Privacy+ Certification specifications for the new Imaging/Digitization Endorsement. As a result, current and future i-SIGMA members offering scanning, imaging, and digital conversion services will be able to verify their regulatory compliance and data security. Furthermore, and equally important, clients that are utilizing such service providers will now have a way to fulfill their regulatory due diligence requirements.

“With the approval behind us,” said i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson, “the next step is to update and release the new i-SIGMA Certification Specifications Manual and applications. Once that is done, PRISM Privacy+ Certified service providers can add the Imaging/Digitization Endorsement at no additional fee.”

“While we are excited for what the Imaging/Digitization Endorsement does for members and for their clients,” adds Johnson, “we are also excited that it will attract a sector of the RIM services market that has traditionally not turned to i-SIGMA in the past.”

Johnson said he expects the new forms to be available by mid-July, at which point all i-SIGMA members will be notified. He also said the updated forms will include specifications for the new Remote Secure Collection Receptacle Endorsement under NAID AAA Certification.