Board Approves Association Podcast Initiative

July 14, 2022

Yesterday, the i-SIGMA Board of Directors approved a reccomendation from the CSDS Board of Regents for implementation of an association podcast initiative, which would include the creation and uploading of content to a podcast platform where members can listen to timely association, industry, and member news. With the global labor shortage, more member representatives traditionally manning the office are also finding themselves behind the wheel to keep their business operating. The CSDS Board of Regents has heard from some members that there is a struggle to make time to read the valuable content produced by the industry due to the strained bandwidth. This has impacted the ability to submit CEU for CSDS credential renewal.

Podcast popularity as a content platform has increased, with Statista reporting that over 40% of Americans have listened to a podcast within the last month* (the rate of listeners is expected to grow by 20 mil annually moving forward^). Podcasts are a timely and well fitted solution to meet member needs with today’s technology. With approval of this reccomendation, i-SIGMA and the CSDS Board of Regents will begin moving forward on the timeline to get this association podcast implemented.