Australia: Deadline for Discontinuance of ASIO T-4 Nearing

April 29, 2019

Come the first of July, the new NAID AAA Certification – Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) Endorsement will officially replace the ASIO T4 qualification for secure destruction firms to destroy records designated as “Official Information” by the Australian government.

“There was an 18-month overlap to allow time for service providers to convert over to the NAID AAA Certification with PSPF Endorsement,” said i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson. “That ends in July. So, while there’s still time to act, it’s going fast.”

The PSPF Endorsement requires completion of the basic NAID AAA Certification, as well as further verification that additional government-approved destruction equipment is operational on-site along with various policy modifications.

Johnson is quick to remind applicants that NAID’s audit methodology is more robust than what T-4 formerly required.

“NAID AAA Certification’s use of both scheduled and unannounced audits is one of main reasons for the transition from T-4 to the PSPF Endorsement,” Johnson said. “It has taken some former T-4 facilities by surprise, but in general the majority welcome the higher level of scrutiny.”

Australian secure destruction service providers interests in obtaining the approved PSPF Endorsement, including hard copy and electronic media, should contact [email protected].