Ask the Professionals Program

September 6, 2018

There are many reasons a company chooses to be part of any association. One is that the association should do for members the things better done as an industry group. As such, PRISM International now offers the Ask the Professional program for its members.

While running a business, questions are bound to arise. In the RIM industry, many of those questions will be had by other members as well. If you have a question related to the operation of your PRISM-member business, please submit it. For instance, it might be a tax question unique to records information management, or a legal issue related to customers, employees and/or contracts. Of course, industry-related regulatory, safety, and operational questions are suitable for submission as well.

If deemed appropriate PRISM International will seek out a qualified person to answer the question on your behalf. The association will send you a response and will post the Q&A for the other members to benefit, keeping the originator’s information confidential.

One question may well be worth more than the price of annual membership.

Please submit any questions to [email protected] with “Ask the Professional” as the subject line.