Analyzing Survey Results to Determine Membership Needs

October 30, 2019

The PRISM International Divisional Leadership Committee recently propositioned a survey that sought member feedback in determining the resource and educational needs of members. The results have been recorded and analyzed, and the committee will now take these results to help plan and implement strategies that best serve the membership. This will help in the preparation of new materials, education, and additional resources.

Looking at the results, when asked what is needed most for training, resources, etc., a majority of surveyed members stressed the importance of safety/OHSA, followed by privacy standards, and finally disaster recovery planning. When asked about what service opportunities they saw as having growth potential in the RIM market, 66% stated that document imaging had the most potential.

There also appear to be some business aggravations that are making members lose sleep at night. Responses ranged from market direction, labor shortage, and continued sales growth.

The purpose of conducting member surveys like these are to thoroughly assess the association’s direction, especially with committees that connect with members frequently. By looking through these results, the PRISM International Divisional Leadership Committee is able to positively adapt to member needs and the changes that the industry poses. Thank you to all who participated.