A message that’s ready for any business group

June 6, 2013

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO

In preparing to serve as Friday’s opening speaker at the Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association’s (OOHNA) Keeping Workers Well event, it occurred to me how far the issue of proper disposal has come over the past decade. Most of the other sessions revolve around the quality of care issues and working within the country’s health care insurance regime; topics that are typically found only at occupational health care conferences. In fact, of all the sessions, proper data disposal is a topic that could be presented to any group of business people. I could just as easily be opening for the Association of Baltimore Apartment Owners or the California Association of Pizza Franchise Owners. Don’t get me wrong, the need for proper data disposal advice is not new. What’s new is the fact that these groups are starting to realize its importance. And, they are more than just curious, they are interested and concerned.

It has been said that success is when preparation meets opportunity. Are you prepared to meet the opportunity to provide this expertise in your area? It is certainly not too late.