Committees Reorganized to Reflect New Organization

August 21, 2018

Among the many things accomplished at the first meeting of the combined NAID/PRISM Int’l Board, was the re-installation of the many of sub-boards and committees responsible for the organization’s success.

While most of those committees will retain their current chairperson, the mission of some have been modified to embrace or represent the entire i-SIGMA membership.

The committees that will retain their previous NAID-focus are the:

  • NAID Certification Review Board (Jim Beran, Chair)
  • NAID Certification Rules Committee (Vlad Vasak, Chair)
  • CSDS Board of Regents (Michael Payton, CSDS, Chair)
  • NAID Multi-location Certification Council (Sal Napoli, Chair)
  • NAID Certification Support Committee (Margaret Meier, Chair)
  • NAID Worldata Holding Company (Tom Simpson, Chair)

Included in the committees that will expand their mission to represent both the NAID and PRISM Int’l are the:

  • i-SIGMA Complaint Resolution Council (Cory Tomczyk, Chair)
  • i-SIGMA Government Relations Committee (Michael Massaro, Chair)
  • 2019 Conference Committee (Cindi Schoenfuss, CSDS and Jeff Cohn, Co-Chairs)
  • i-SIGMA Communications and Marketing Committee (Gina Lentine, CSDS, Chair)

Additionally, the i-SIGMA Board voted to create PRISM PRIVACY+ Certification Committee, responsible to review and make recommendations for improvement and promotion.

The committees, boards and councils that represent both the NAID and PRISM International divisions will be augmenting their ranks in the coming weeks. Contact the i-SIGMA Committee Administrator Sara Berntgen with any questions.