Customer Misconception: Vendor Qualifications Don’t Matter – Selling Information Disposition by the Book (vol. 2)

Bob Johnson, NAID CEO In my last blog, Selling Information Disposition by the Book (vol. 1), the first in this series, I talked a bit about the mechanics of using the new Information Disposition textbook. If I was to boil that post down to one sentence, it would be: Get the book in front of any customer […]

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Selling Information Disposition by the Book

Bob Johnson, NAID CEO The new Information Disposition textbook (Information Disposition: A Practical Guide to the Secure, Compliant Disposal of Records, Media and IT Assets) is an amazing tool for service providers to use with customers to help them truly understand the value of your offerings. NAID has always operated from two guiding principles and are both […]

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Can We Take Control of the Industry’s Insurance Destiny?

Bob Johnson, NAID CEO When NAID embarked on the Downstream Data Coverage insurance pathway, it did so primarily because the professional liability coverages members were purchasing did not protect them or their customers. Exclusions of claims resulting from the intentional acts of rogue employees and poor breach coverage language were universal in other policies. Since then, as […]

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